Monday, 9 September 2013

September Clothing Wishlisht!

What an odd looking bunch of wants for this month. So yes, I want two pairs of footwear, two tops and another bag I previously owned in a different colour. I'm normally not a jumper or sneaker (bar converse) person however I really want these things!!!
Do you ever see things in a store/on a person and really want to wear it but you just know it won't suit you? I see it all the time on tumblr and blogs. For example I would love to dress sporty glam but it just wouldn't suit me nor my hair. However I'm slowly trying to evade my comfort zone and venture into styles that aren't so far fetched but still correlate with my individual self. (OK WHY DO I SOUND LIKE A PRETENTIOUS SHIT. LIKE THOSE PEOPLE THAT UNDERSTAND MUSIC REALLY REAALLY WELL. THEY SAY SING WITH YOUR SOUL AND UNDERSTAND THE FLOW AND LET THE FLOW UNDERSTAND YOU BUT DON'T GO 67% GO 150% WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!?!?!?!?)

Nike Blazers
Ok I'm probably 2 years behind on these but I really want blazers. I think it's mostly because I have such skinny ankles and I can use the height of the high top to hide my ankles? I saw it on my twin-ankle friend and she looked amazing with blazers and a bodycon skirt. Plus I need trainers for running errands and my converses bloody hurt my soles and I don't care if I look like a 16 year old student. Leave.Me.BE!

Michael kors Jet Set Travel
BECAUSE OMG IT COMES IN A GREY! I know I had a bad experience with the open tote as seen in this post (I will never learn). However I still love the design and the grey colour and silver hardware just looks so... lush! How autumnal would I look?! That is one gorgeous sun of a gun.

Brian Lichtenberg Feline Sweatshirt
WHY DO I WANT YOU I DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!!! (Maybe because I envision finishing a night shift at the hospital and bunging this on. Boom.)

New Look Navy Blouse
I'm all up for appreciating beautifully dressed women, I see a girl with a gorgeous outfit and I do this quick all over scan. I look at her as a whole then scan down to shoes...legs..torso.. face and then I get my WANTS. I want her shoes, bag, trousers, top and lipstick. It's a sad life. I then spend hours searching for the unknown items online  ..'navy blue chiffon back with gold buttons...pretty'.. I will never find it. It's like when you hear a song in a shop and you're too slow and lazy to Shazam it so you tell yourself to remember a few lines of the song, "Oh baby.. she so .... yeah baby.." You know you'll never find it. Well I saw this navy gorgeous navy blouse on a fine young woman and I didn't have the balls to ask her where she got it. This is the next best thing. It's from NewLook and is £18!

Tory Burch Barrett Boots
A grey foggy cloud is looming over London Town. That can only mean two things; Moody people and Boots. These Tory Burch boots are exactly what I've been looking for my whole life. The shaft(?) is not too long that it shortens down my frame but still long enough to keep my legs warm. This is my only justification for the obscene price tag.

Well that was short and sweet (just like me) and I know Pippa, Pippa wants everything!
One day I will give you a haul. A haul so good you'll be like damn, Pippa actually got paid. 
Till next time,


Monday, 2 September 2013

My 3 'Secret' Gems of the Drugstore!

........I got 99 problems and being broke is one. Like any cheapskate I appreciate the cheap goods. Spending a couple of £££ on budget make-up makes me feel that I'm satisfying a crave. Like I'm 87% full. Could do with more. But I'm good. One thing about me is I am not a brand/makeup snob I like to try everything and anything! Thus I have discovered some 'secret' gems of drugstore makeup (basically makeup that hasn't been hyped up/ or I haven't seen a bunch of reviews on!)

Firstly can I apologise over how skanky these products look. They are loved and have been used loads.

1.First up is this 2True (how ghetto is that name... 2tru fo u boo) Effortless Eyeliner in No.1 Black. (Swatches below!) This is my FAVOURITE eyeliner! I first tried it out when I was 17, spending my pocket-money in Superdrug. It's been a life saver throughout the years and was the first liner that allowed me to master my winged eye! Over the years I have tried and tested numerous other liners from Rimmel, Collection2000, Revlon, L'oreal you name it and none can compare to this! The colour is so intense and the formula is very gentle as this doesn't sting my eyelids which some eyeliners do. The nib is the perfect size and it is just so easy to use for a winged eyeliner. It also doesn't smudge and it always lasts through a long working day. I cannot rate this product enough. This retails for £1.99, what more words of persuasion can one type up?!

2.Another 2True product is this £1.99 Cheek 'n' Lip Tint. Again I discovered this during my teenage years and have stayed somewhat loyal to this ever since. I don't use this as often as I now gravitate towards powder blushes, but it is my go-to product if I ever feel like I need a quick, natural-look flush on my cheeks! This has a staying power of a good 8 hour shift and I always carry this around in my make-up bag for touch ups, or if my powder blush has worn off. I can honestly touch up my cheeks with this product in 10 seconds! It's such a versatile, easy-to-wear little gem! This is essentially a ghetto knockoff of the Benetint which I have also owned. But without a doubt, I prefer this. The colour looks nicer and 'prettier' on my cheeks and doesn't break me out! Boomski. 
Btw 2true products are 3 for £5. That's like a mini haul in itself no?

3.One of my favourite lipsticks is Sleek lipstick in Amped. Ok this is the most pricey product out of the top three, retailing at a grand £4.99! It is a Matte finish but not drying as it is enriched in Vitamin E. It is such a vibrant and striking colour and it really compliments my tan skin. I love this!!! I'm not the kind of person that assigns a lipstick colour to a particular outfit, but I gravtitate towards this colour whenever I wear a basic white t-shirt, gold necklace and top knot (who the hell do I think I am?!) However, I would wear this during the day quite muted down - one or two dabs here and there with a clear gloss on top looks lovely! For a night out clubbin/raving/skanking/Miley-twerking, this is definitely a good attention grabbing lipstick and will last through your Tequilas and Cosmos!

Here is a picture of the products swatched. I didn't know where to place this so I just stuck it here =\

Well that was short and snappy, I really need to try and be more descriptive with my reviews! I hope you guys give these products a try -  (if you're not in the UK then sarrry, however if you're in the US then not sorry at all because you guys have it made drugstore wise!) It's always fun to try out new things that don't break the bank but satisfy your need to spend.


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Part Of My World - The little Pippa. [Louboutin Lust]

(Christian Louboutin, Bianca Patent 140mm)

For added effect, sing along here!

Look at this baby
Isn't it sweet?
I don't think my collection's complete
Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who wants everything?
Look at these shoes
a treasure untold
How many wonders can one heeled shoe hold?
Looking on here makes you think
Sure, Pippa wants everything
I've got platforms and flat shoes a-plenty
I've got high street and high end galore
You want 6 inch stilletos?
I've got twenty
But who cares?
No big deal

I want to be where the shoe sales are
I wanna see, wanna see cheap prices
Trying on those - what do you call 'em

Strutting your heels, oh you'll get so far
Heels are required for WERKING, TWERKING
Falling down on the - what's that word again?

Down where they walk, down where they SHINE
Down where they stay all day in the store
Oh wondering me.. Wish they could be..

What would I give if I could buy these shoes straight from the store?
How would I pay if I buy these shoes whilst I'm so broke?
Bet'cha on blogs they'll understand 
That they don't reprimand their bloggers
Bright young women, lots of blogging 
Ready to stand 

I'm ready to know what you bloggers know
Ask em my questions and get some answers
How's the heel and does it - what's the word?

When's it my turn? 
Wouldn't I love, love to explore the height of the shoes
Out of the store 
Wish they could be

Yeah when I want something I sing a Disney song for it, that's normal. Hope you enjoyed my take on The Little Mermaid LOUB style! If not then boo. I needed this! I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I think the cost may make me cry, vomit and then subsequently faint. Btw I've decided to make a twitter for my blog so if I add you don't freak out, but I am indeed stalking you :)


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Makeup I regret buying! #1

I had various titles for this post:
  • Makeup that made me look like a fool.
  • Makeup that sucks b****!
  • Makeup I wore that made my boyfriend say, "Yoo forreal sup with your face?!"
  • Makeup that aided me in furthering the broke state that I'm in.
  • I have a list of Makeup products that suck but the picture I present them in also sucks.   
They all sum up how I feel to be honest. 

I present to you the products that suck*:

*yeah these products suck to me but maybe on you they'll look FIYAHH!

1.YSL Babydoll Mascara is just such a fail. Normally I am a fan of YSL mascaras and count the YSL faux cils as my all time fave as I previously stated in My Makeup Wishlist (this is basically a just a repeat rant of what I said in that post). But this one just really doesn't float my boat. The plastic wand reminds me of a cleaning utensil that one could use to clean the inside of tight round crevices (eww).The formula is too thin and wet to give a thick generous coating. It doesn't volumise my lashes nor does it lengthen. The only thing it does is separate my lashes to a degree that I end up with eyelash line bald spots! WTF. Damn you Cara Delevigne! Why did your forehead beards lie to me so deep? Where art thou babydoll lashes?! 

2.Stila Acai Crush Lip and Cheek stain. (swatches underneath) Ok this had a promising start. A long lasting intense lip and cheek tint that reacts to the PH level of your skin to create a colour unique to you, thanks to the 'Acai Crush' and all that bull. It applies like any liquid stain however the formula of this is thicker, it's almost gel like. This means it takes longer to dry, however it applies unevenly due to the crap brush so you'll get parts of your lips that have dried and others that havent. As you can imagine this leads to an uneven finish. I'll have part of my lips a deep pink and others pale in comparison. When I put this on my cheeks I would get harsh lines, no matter how quick I move and how hard I try to blend it. It just leaves me with an obvious blush line! Also the pen itself is quite leaky, everytime I pulled the cap open it looked like there had been a crime scene between my palms! Stila, babes, you disappointed me.

3.My girl Victoria had a secret. She confided in me with her glossy packaging and pleasant rose scent that this Sheer Blush Cheek tint would give me the rosy glow of Adriana Lima. How she lied to me, oh how she lied. This patchy cheek tint is just awful. Maybe it's the way I apply it but I have tried numerous untensils, ok well just my fingers and different brushses, but it just always ends up patchy! Oh and this bugger broke me out on my cheeks. I DESPISE this product. Call me dramatic, but I can't even bear to look at this thing! I've actually stored it away far from my eyes, (ok I may have dropped this between my desk and my wall, not complaining..though I hope it doesn't burst and leak. I doubt this, but shoot. There is a possibility, I should just close this bracket now.) No recommendations para you!

4.Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush in 4 Flame. I'm quite dark skinned so I picked this up thinking this will look lovely on my skin tone. However it just doesn't look good at all. It makes my skin look dirty, dirty and shiny. Ok there is nothing wrong with this product but it doesn't look good on me, therefore I regret buying, therefore it sucks!

Swatches of no. 2,3,4
(Ok this picture is such a bitch right now because the swatches don't look shabby at all. BUT BELIEVE ME I SWEAR I TELL THE TRUTH!)

5.My last product that sucks is the Revlon concealer in 06 Deep. Everyone has been raving over the Collection 2000 concealer but that only comes in four, quite light shades. I mean damn Collection 2000 you're really spoiling us with such a wide colour range, so much choices to choose from... Hats off to you for catering to a large audience of varied skintones! BRAVO -__- Anyways I am none of those FOUR shades. They should honestly widen their colour range! Instead I picked this Revlon one up in their darkest shade but this mother creases like a mofo under my eyes! It just doesn't work on my skin at all. Even on my chin blemishes it looks awful and it made my spots really itchy. Eurgh itchy spots are the worst, becuase you can't itch a spot, you just have to tap it gently or try to ignore it. Itchy feet over itchy spots anyday!! Can I get a Hi5? Anyone..hello? It annoys me that I spent £6.99 on this tube of waste. I could have bought a 20 piece share box of Chicken McNuggets and large fries for this. 

I swear I am usually not a moany little twerp! Life is all about experimenting and trying new things and I'm not gonna dwell on how pooey this post has been. But still I feel betrayed by my high hopes, I'm still bitter. You know I thought we'd last longer, I was gonna introduce you to my friends.. but no, I WAS DECEIVED!! 

Deception (An outrage!)
Disgrace (For shame!)
EVIL as plain as their lies on their case!
They asked for trouble the moment I paid!
..lion king 2 anyone? No. Ok. Bye.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Versatile Blogger Award!

Who loves getting nominated? I DO I DO I DO-OOO!
The lovely Iqra has nominated me for the versatile blogger award! Thank you <3
Ok why do I always have trouble understanding blog award protocol?! So I thank and link back to my nominator (check).. I say 7 things about me and I nominate bloggers I've recently discovered and let them know? Ok. Got it.

1. I am a mixed child. Mother is from the Philippines and Father, a tiny island called Mauritius. I've visited Mauritius twice in my life and the Philippines a grand total of 16 times. YES, S I X T E E N! My mother cannot go over 12 months without flying back. She's a total homegirl.

2. My hair is quite long.
(And apparently very frizzy)
As I said in the Liebster award my brow growth was an accomplishment. My second is not growing my hair, no, no, no, but avoiding the hairdressers! I should write a book on how to avoid getting your haircut. (It's hard when your mum's aim in life is to get it cut!) Hmm, "101 Ways to Avoid getting your haircut," or "Hairdresser Hiding for Dummies?" Mother has many a time tricked me into getting a cut. But no more. NO.DAMN.MORE. I know the games you play mother. I'm watching you.

3a. My Ketchup to fries ratio is always very high and that's the way it should be. However I can't eat Ketchup with just any fries, that's blasphemous! Ketchup goes best with kebab/chicken shop fries or home made ones.With McDonald's I mix sweet and sour sauce with barbeque. Delish! And with KFC (ok sup with their new thin weird fries?!) I eat them naked.
b. I HAVE STRICT DIP SHARING ETIQUTTE. Ok let me set the scene for you.. You and your friend are enjoying a girly movie night in, you decide to make fries. What sauce does she want? "Ketchup!" She shouts. "Let's share a bowl" she says, she would say that wouldn't she, the letch! Fries are made and bowl is placed right in the middle of you both. She picks up her first fry, a fresh salty virgin piece of potato, you discreetly watch her dip her fry (you can't let her know you're watching her, she'll think you're judging her for eating fries while she's on a diet fgs). She takes a bite, a measly 1/10 of the fry. She then proceeds.. oh God I can't type.. ok she then proceeds to DOUBLE FUDGING DIP! HELL TO THE NO BISH! YOU CAN'T DOUBLE DIP IF WE ARE BOTH SHARING A BOWL OF BLOODY SAUCE. STAHP ET! For goodness sake! ETIQUETTE!

4. Why for the life of me can I not remember things that happen in movies?! My movie memory is terrible. Actually scratch that, my memory in general is abominal. I can't even remember any of my university lecturers names, nor the modules i took :( I think this is a problem.

5. Pippa is my middle name. Yeah I have a different first name. I am not a fraud. What? No! You cant start quoting my 'name' to 'Pippa' don't even think of italicising my name to 'Pippa.' I feel like a Pippa therefore I AM PIPPA!

6. I have anxiety issues. I try not to get anxious over little things but sometimes I just can't help it.  I'm also so crap at confrontation and standing up for myself. I should be all like:
But i usually just end up in the corner crying my eyes out. It's like a weekly routine at work.

7. I love blogging! Blogging gives me so much joy and I love how I can show my personality through my posts. I know I've only been on here for a couple of weeks but I've have discovered some amazing blogs! You know I've only told a couple family members and my bf about my blog and I'm gonna keep it that way, for now at least. Is it selfish of me to just want to keep you guys to myself?! We got a good think going on!

OK I know what you're thinking.. PIPPA! GURL, 7 points and not one mention of Channing?!

Happy now?

Ok I want to nominate everyone I follow/follows me but they've already been nominated! 
The people I nominate are:
Erin and Katherine

And anyone else that happens to read this blogpost and hasn't been nominated. I nominate you! I will link you if you decide to do it.


Saturday, 17 August 2013

Primark Bargain!

Yesterday I achieved something I never thought possible. Pray tell I hear you say... I walked into Primark and came out only spending £2! For me that is a big deal! Normally I go loca, this time I didn't even grab a basket. Just walked straight in and wondered with no purpose, yeah, it was a casual affair.

I bought these:

I was aimlessly walking around on the phone to le boyfran (who was falling asleep) complaining about my disastrous business meeting when I saw them twinkling beneath an awfully bright light, a sign above reading 'SALE £2!' Is this real life..or is this just fantasy? I wondered as I edged closer.. NO 'twas real! ERMAGERD! "Shut the F up for a second" I said to my boyfriend who had unbeknown to me fallen asleep -_- They had to be mine. But horror! All i could see were size 7 and 8 hangers! FOR WHYYY?! Not giving up I decided to look at the size inside the actual shoes and I found my size! Why do these hangers have to give me false sorrow?!

They are so pretty and for £2 down from £8 a total bargain! I mean where the hell can you pick up shoes in perfect condition for TWO DOWLLA?! These shoes are perfect for giving your everyday work wear a bit of bling! The front portion of the shoe is laden with studs and the rest a soft black suede like material. The different sizes and colour of studs make the shoes twinkle differently in the light. I like that, I like that alot.  My only concern was how rounded the toe was. I have researched into the alignment of my toes and have found out I have egyptian feet. Looky here at the pic..
*Blog question of the day: How are your toes aligned? Joke. 
My mums side of the family all have Greek feet. I always wondered whether that was a Filipino thing? Probably not as I have seen a lot of Greek feets around London Town. No I do not like feet, nor am I a feet stalker. But it's summer and there's a lot of feet out, gosh, chill. With my feet I always find shoes with a slightly enlongated point the most comfortable and flattering. However despite the roundness of these shoes they seem comfortable for the most part. And you know for £2 if they don't work out for me, I can always give them to someone else, after a good airing of course! We don't share the sweat here people.

I also picked up this face powder from Rimmel in Superdrug (thought I could just slide this in here). Yes it is light, however it is one of those transparent finishes. I really wanted the Soap & Glory 'One Heck of a Blot' but it was sold out and I feel that was because It was hyped up by everyone and their mother. But for £3.99 I think this is more suited to my budget anyway (ooo attidude).

I surprised myself at how much I could talk about a shoe. Was there need for this? Probably not. Did I enjoy it? Yes.


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Liebster award!

I appreciate this award. Cheers Anfal! Spud!
Ok not gonna lie. I'm not too sure if my brain understands what I have to do. So I answer 11 questions and then nominate 11 people for the award who haven't been nominated and have less than 200 followers. And lastly you have to write up 11 questions for them to answer. Ok that sounds simplier now I've wrote it down. Actually wait, is that the correct way? If not, oh well. OOOO rebel in the midst.

1.If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Born and bred in London and wouldn't have it any other way. But gun to my head, if I had to choose, I would say New York.

2. Choose a movie title which best describes your life.

3.Dream job as a child?
Doctor for animals. I didn't know the word for a vet back then, don't judge. 

4.First thing you look for in a female/male?
If his oyster card is a child or adult. If it double dings on the bus, girl he's too young for you.

5.If you could kiss any celebrity who would it be?

6.You're having a dinner party, you can invite anyone in the world. Who'd you invite?
YOU! Of course. Also Channing Tatum. Because CHANNING TATUM that's why! Girl you better know you ain't sitting next to him. *Snapz*

7. You recieve a lifetime of one make-up product. What do you choose?

8.Favourite High St store?

9. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Growing out my eyebrows.

10.Pick an Era to live in.
80s baby!

11.Major goals in life.

My 11 questions (be forewarned, not too beautyish):

1.Favourite TV series?

2.Favourite book? (I need new books)

3.Fav sites to download music on Favourite past-time besides blogging?

4.A place you want to visit that you haven't yet?

5.One makeup item you can't leave the house without applying?

6.Do you prefer the Ombre hair look or highlights? (What? Ok fine I'm asking for me)

7.Favourite sweet/candy?

8.Are my questions awful? Favourite things to write about on your blog? (i.e. reviews etc)

9.Favourite season?

10.Favourite mascara?

11.What are your favourite posts to read on blogs? 

I think notifying the nominees is giving me partial anxiety. Do I even know 11 people that would actually communicate back to me :( thadfathe. So instead I'm going to choose blogs that I enjoy reading and have not yet been nominated. All the blogs I follow I enjoy but they either have over 200 followers or have already been nominated. Boo. 

Ok I nominate the following lovely people:
This is not compulsory or anything but I'm watching you. Ha just kidding..   


[edit: Yeah I genuinely am so dumb. I answered the wrong questions. See this is why I don't deserve nice things!]

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Makeup Wishlist #1

There are three things I dislike greatly:
  1. Ants that fly (flys that ant?) They randomly appear full force in the summer. 
  2. When my battery on my phone is below 30%. Baby you promised me at least 3 more hours, why you gotta do me like that?!
  3. Being broke. Most importantly being broke and having a bountiful wishlist.
I don't have much of a make up collection and I only buy things I really realllyyy want. Things that keep me up at night and make me get out of bed early to actually venture outside my house and hunt it down. Things that bring on an onset of palpitations when I can't find it in the store and I hail down any person that looks like they could work there and fall to my knees, shaking their legs wailing, "Where is it?! Oh God where is it?!?!?!" You know, the normal signs of want. 

These things, had I money, would make me act like that:


  1. Nars eyeshadow palette in Ride Up to the Moon. Those two middle shades, unf. I highly doubt I'd have use for the green but the rest of the colours are just so me! At £32 it works out to £5-ish per eyeshadow, which sounds pretty reasonable. However that's six £5 I do not have.  
  2. Clarins lip perfector in 01 Rose Shimmer. Is it sad that I just want this because of the hype?
  3. Nars Lipstick in 413 BLKR. If you read my review on The Body Shop's lipliner in 06 Mahogany you will know my love for deep rose browns. I feel they make the perfect red lip for my tan skin tone!
  4. YSL Faux Cils mascara in 1 Black is my favourite mascara. However I am too broke to purchase it right now. Plus I'm still using up the YSL Babydoll mascara which is just a bit meh. The formula is far too wet and the wand is a prickly plastic disaster. This is my fault for letting myself be lured in by that Cara 'Eyebrows' Delevingne model. Damn those thick forehead moustaches!
  5. OPI Nail Lacquer in Minnie Chic from Ears to Tail. So pretty. Looks like the perfect delicious bubblegum pink! I love nail colours that make me salivate. 
So that's my wishlist for now. Till then I'll just use this picture to describe my life until i get mooolah.


Monday, 12 August 2013

What's in my Bag?

I admit I am quite a nosey bugger and my favourite videos to watch are what's in my bag videos! I enjoy reading blog posts on it aswell, and i have no shame in saying I'm even following on tumblr! I guess I love seeing what other people's bag essentials are!

Le contents in no particular order:
  • Ipod - Even though I own an Iphone I like to keep my music on a separate device. Keeps me from wasting memory and battery!
  • Oyster card - would you believe me if i told you this year alone I lost my oyster card 8 times? Well I'm sadly telling the truth -_-
  • The Body Shop strawberry body cream - Para mi ashy elbows and hands.
  • Purse!
  • Sweeties! (Ultimate bag essential) - Sour laces  and fruit pastilles are a must! Polos for the after breath, of course. I think ahead people.
  • Victoria's Secret spray in Secret Charm - Such a light fresh scent perfect for warm weather.
  • Makeup bag from Primark
  • Teaspoon and two forks, obviously. - I don't know why these are in my bag. Lies. Convenience na mean!
  • Expired crispsWhat? You're telling me not everyone carries expired food in their bags?! Travesty.
  • Lint roller - Because you never know when a girl needs to lint. And if you don't lint you can't sit with us. 
  • Umbrella - I live in london. 
  • Hairclip 
  • Paracetamol - For when customers tear me to pieces and destroy part of my soul. My job woes! 

Here's a photo of me trying to be artsy and show my stuff spilling out my bag. Total fail!

Hand on my bag I didn't add or remove anything for this post. Not ashamed.
Can I perleasee see what's in your bag?!


Friday, 9 August 2013

Review: Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Tote

My tumultuous affair with Michael Kors began in the early April of this year when my loving boyfriend gifted me with my first designer bag for my birthday. That bag was the Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano tote black in extra small. When I say extra small I mean EXTRA SMALL! Look at it!! Link! At only 18cm in height and with a width of 27cm this bag was no bigger than your standard lunch box. Now I appreciate my boyfriend and all that he went through to get that bag as it was exclusive to selfridges. However it was way too small and impractical to carry around. It was too small to even wear on my shoulder and looked awkward on the crook of my arm. My boyfriend can read right through me and could tell I wasn't in love, so he told me I could exchange it. Bless him. So that I did. For a further £25 at £195 I exchanged the bag for the Jet Set saffiano tote in a small in the navy. Being only a mere 5ft in stature this bag was the perfect size for me.

(Excuse the shoddy pic, it was the only decent one I have >.<)

For two months the bag and I were in love. I used it everyday. Till tragedy struck and i noticed a slight tear on the top lining of the bag. 

(Right there in the middle)

I was so upset! For a designer bag you expect better quality. This was not on!! I called selfridges and they were like they didnt do repairs instore and I have to go to the actual Michael Kors store. So i went to the one in Regents Street and was told by the manager that it would cost £30 to replace the lining on the top. HELL NAA am i paying that! So refusing her offer I tottered off to Selfridges where i was pleasantly suprised! As I had my receipt and it was only 3 months since we had first purchased it they offered me an exchange! However the bag was no longer in season and they didnt have it in store so I got to choose a bag of my choice for the same price. Score! I chose the Jet Set Saffiano Zip in a small this time in the colour black.
Comparison pic of the no zip saff on the left and the zip one to the right. 
(Bye bye navy, hello luscious black leather!)

I can honestly say I prefer this bag over the no zip Saffiano. For one I love the gold hardware against the deep black. The bag just looks so sleek and sophisticated. It's the perfect bag for everyday use as the hardware is not so in your face. Very understated and classy. Not only is this model more roomy inside but it does have a lot more compartments. Something the no zip saff lacked (it just had one slip pocket on the inside). The zip saff has 5 slip in pockets and one fairly large zip compartment inside. On the outside there are two slip pockets also. Perfect to hold an oyster card and they give the bag a much more unique look, I feel it makes the shape a bit more feminine looking. This bag is also safer to carry around, I no longer have to be conscious of my phone and purse being lunged out my bag by some thief! The straps are noticeably less flimsy and more sturdy and the lining is logo printed which is always a nice touch. Furthermore unlike the no zip saff this one has gold studs at the bottom to protect it.

I have had this bag for two months now and I have experienced no problems with the zip as of yet. Even when i pack it full to the brim, (which I do not advise btw) the zip seems to zip up smoothly. I do love this bag and despite my previous experience with the first tote I am very satisfied with this baby. I 100% recommend the zip tote over the no zip tote any day and would say this is a very good investment for someone looking to purchase a decently priced designer bag. 

I would give Michael two thumbs up but I'm still not over the rip incident. One thumb for you Michael, one thumb. 


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Review: Superdrug Restoring Skin Care Oil

All I need in this life of sin is me and my... restoring skin care oil.

Hmm that doesn't have quite a ring to it but bloody hell do I LURVE this product! Some may say it is a knock off version of the infamous bio oil, but I say it is it's better looking fraternal twin brother.  Both oils aim to help minimise the appearance of scars, stretch marks, blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Yes the makeup may be pretty much the same but I just feel that this is that tad bit better. For one this has a much sweeter more calming scent to it, nothing harsh on my obnoxious delicate nostrils. Also this is more purse friendly for my cheapskate self! I purchased the 75ml bottle for a mere £5.69 where a bottle of Bio Oil in 60ml would cost £8.99! I could purchase a lipstick with that difference!
The bottle is a bit meh, but who the hell cares?! It's what's inside that counts! This baby contains a sweet mixture of Almond, Canola and Soy Bean oil that work together to help restore the suppleness and elasticity of skin whilst keeping it well hydrated. Sounds good to me! It's also rich in antioxidants as it contains Grapeseed Oil, Rosemary Oil and Sunflower Oil.

I use this product every night massaging it onto my blemish stained forehead and I've noticed in the past two weeks a huge change to the intensity of my scars! I've also started using this underneath my eyes in a hope to reduce my dark circles bestowed upon me by my asian heritage -_- only time shall tell if it makes a difference.

So all in all the product is MUY BUENO and shall be repurchased when the time comes. 


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Review: The Body Shop Lipliner in 06 Mahogany

This is my Holy Grail Status Lip liner.

For some foundation is a product they can’t live without, for me its lip liner!
I recently popped into The Body Shop and was told by the sales assistant that they had a buy one get one half offer on everything in store so I picked up my trusty blemish fade night cream and a lip liner in 06 Mahogany Link! I didn’t swatch the colour in store as they had no tester but it was the darkest shade they had. For £4.00 on offer I thought I might aswell give it a go. I didn’t have high expectations for it BUT holy moly it’s amazing!

Being a heavily tanned/dark skin asian woman I have been cursed blessed with quite dark purplish brown pigmented lips. Lips that cannot be seen in public without anything on them! I find lip liner works best to hide the obscenity that is my colour lips and have found that reddy browns work best with my skin tone.  This is the perfect browny red for my lips and totally cancels out all the fugly of my natural lip tone. I also love that I can wear it on its as own as seen in the picture below.
Please ignore the bush excuse of my hair to the left. Shall I add a picture or two of a swatch on my hand to be professional? Why yes I SHALL!
I know my skin colour differs from my hand to my face. I am a walking patchy tone kid! I digress, I love love love this product! The consistency is not too creamy which I love as it doesn’t allow for smudging. But yet it's not too drying, for being a matte finish this is a rarity! And this baby lasts all day on the lips, it even lasted through a KFC hot wing meal. If anything can last through the grease of a KFC chicken waang then it's a keeper..or shall I say repurchaser?

I will definitely be repurchasing this again even for the full price of £8.
Can I get a virtual High 5 for my first review! Ahhh yeah!