Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Review: The Body Shop Lipliner in 06 Mahogany

This is my Holy Grail Status Lip liner.

For some foundation is a product they can’t live without, for me its lip liner!
I recently popped into The Body Shop and was told by the sales assistant that they had a buy one get one half offer on everything in store so I picked up my trusty blemish fade night cream and a lip liner in 06 Mahogany Link! I didn’t swatch the colour in store as they had no tester but it was the darkest shade they had. For £4.00 on offer I thought I might aswell give it a go. I didn’t have high expectations for it BUT holy moly it’s amazing!

Being a heavily tanned/dark skin asian woman I have been cursed blessed with quite dark purplish brown pigmented lips. Lips that cannot be seen in public without anything on them! I find lip liner works best to hide the obscenity that is my colour lips and have found that reddy browns work best with my skin tone.  This is the perfect browny red for my lips and totally cancels out all the fugly of my natural lip tone. I also love that I can wear it on its as own as seen in the picture below.
Please ignore the bush excuse of my hair to the left. Shall I add a picture or two of a swatch on my hand to be professional? Why yes I SHALL!
I know my skin colour differs from my hand to my face. I am a walking patchy tone kid! I digress, I love love love this product! The consistency is not too creamy which I love as it doesn’t allow for smudging. But yet it's not too drying, for being a matte finish this is a rarity! And this baby lasts all day on the lips, it even lasted through a KFC hot wing meal. If anything can last through the grease of a KFC chicken waang then it's a keeper..or shall I say repurchaser?

I will definitely be repurchasing this again even for the full price of £8.
Can I get a virtual High 5 for my first review! Ahhh yeah!


An introduction?

Why have I started a blog? Well truth be told I don't know. I've been wanting to set up a YouTube channel for quite a while now but haven't plucked up the courage to do so. You know I'm the type of girl that would never dare do a number 2 at work. No matter how much I want to, I would just hold it in for the sake of never letting a colleague find out it is I, a pooper at work! I. JUST. WON'T. DO. IT. That's kinda how I feel about YouTube. I want to upload a video so bad and be part of the beauty community but I just can't ever see myself filming and then uploading a video to the site! I won't lie and say I haven't pre-filmed videos because I have.. I just can't fathom the idea of a video of me being on a public website. 

So for now I have chosen to blog. Well this blog has been two years in the running, some could say I am a procrastinator, well I like to say professional procrastinator... I'll finish this later.

I don't know if this blogging urge I have inside me will last forever as 1) I get bored pretty easily. For example this time last year if you asked me "would you eat in Nandos everyday if you could?" I would've answered with a fist pump, "HELLS YEAH!" Now I can't even step inside Nandos without bile rising in my throat. I rinsed it out and got bored. And 2) My punctuation and grammar skills are not great. Just where the hell do I put that COMMA! Numero 3) I like to blab. My sentences most of the time come out incoherently and I get so excited I just go on and on and on... 

So yes, I am Pippa and this will be my place where I talk about beauty and all the nonsensical things that flutter around in my mind. I should have just said that, shouldn't I? 


A blog about beauty written by a slightly kooky girl in her 20s