Monday, 9 September 2013

September Clothing Wishlisht!

What an odd looking bunch of wants for this month. So yes, I want two pairs of footwear, two tops and another bag I previously owned in a different colour. I'm normally not a jumper or sneaker (bar converse) person however I really want these things!!!
Do you ever see things in a store/on a person and really want to wear it but you just know it won't suit you? I see it all the time on tumblr and blogs. For example I would love to dress sporty glam but it just wouldn't suit me nor my hair. However I'm slowly trying to evade my comfort zone and venture into styles that aren't so far fetched but still correlate with my individual self. (OK WHY DO I SOUND LIKE A PRETENTIOUS SHIT. LIKE THOSE PEOPLE THAT UNDERSTAND MUSIC REALLY REAALLY WELL. THEY SAY SING WITH YOUR SOUL AND UNDERSTAND THE FLOW AND LET THE FLOW UNDERSTAND YOU BUT DON'T GO 67% GO 150% WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!?!?!?!?)

Nike Blazers
Ok I'm probably 2 years behind on these but I really want blazers. I think it's mostly because I have such skinny ankles and I can use the height of the high top to hide my ankles? I saw it on my twin-ankle friend and she looked amazing with blazers and a bodycon skirt. Plus I need trainers for running errands and my converses bloody hurt my soles and I don't care if I look like a 16 year old student. Leave.Me.BE!

Michael kors Jet Set Travel
BECAUSE OMG IT COMES IN A GREY! I know I had a bad experience with the open tote as seen in this post (I will never learn). However I still love the design and the grey colour and silver hardware just looks so... lush! How autumnal would I look?! That is one gorgeous sun of a gun.

Brian Lichtenberg Feline Sweatshirt
WHY DO I WANT YOU I DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!!! (Maybe because I envision finishing a night shift at the hospital and bunging this on. Boom.)

New Look Navy Blouse
I'm all up for appreciating beautifully dressed women, I see a girl with a gorgeous outfit and I do this quick all over scan. I look at her as a whole then scan down to shoes...legs..torso.. face and then I get my WANTS. I want her shoes, bag, trousers, top and lipstick. It's a sad life. I then spend hours searching for the unknown items online  ..'navy blue chiffon back with gold buttons...pretty'.. I will never find it. It's like when you hear a song in a shop and you're too slow and lazy to Shazam it so you tell yourself to remember a few lines of the song, "Oh baby.. she so .... yeah baby.." You know you'll never find it. Well I saw this navy gorgeous navy blouse on a fine young woman and I didn't have the balls to ask her where she got it. This is the next best thing. It's from NewLook and is £18!

Tory Burch Barrett Boots
A grey foggy cloud is looming over London Town. That can only mean two things; Moody people and Boots. These Tory Burch boots are exactly what I've been looking for my whole life. The shaft(?) is not too long that it shortens down my frame but still long enough to keep my legs warm. This is my only justification for the obscene price tag.

Well that was short and sweet (just like me) and I know Pippa, Pippa wants everything!
One day I will give you a haul. A haul so good you'll be like damn, Pippa actually got paid. 
Till next time,



  1. Great collage like the outfits.

  2. Two pairs of footwear? Who are you, the girl in Flo Rida's 'Low' who wears "Boots with the fur" and " Reebok's with the straps"??

    Also, oh good, because I was all like 'W OW DIS POST IS SO ~SPORTY CHIC~', but yeah, I can't off that look either. Too plump and un-athletic.

    That blouse tho ;-;
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. *pull off (honestly Vanessa, learn to type)

    2. Chu know it. Forget 2 chains, 2 shoooes na!

  3. hahaha Vanessa's comment XD
    I agree with both the footwares though! been wanting blazers since forever, but I can't pick which colour and it's still alot cash for footware (being a student sucks) The black ones are classic though so they do look good, AS SO THOSE BOOTS
    I think only the British can truly appreciate a sturdy pair of boots to beat our crappy weather ._.
    lovely wishlist! ^_^
    The Blushing Giraffe | The Bloglovin'

    1. Thank you :)
      I bought the blazer but returned them.. they looked awful on my skinny ass legs >.<

  4. I love a good pair of blazers - they're not chunky so you can dress em with so many things! & those boots ♥♥♥♥ !!

    Kisses xo, Selorm.
    She Just Talks |

    1. I bought them but returned them due to how large they looked on my feet!

  5. pippa i love ze bootz zo much ^^

  6. heyy! i love your blog i have nominated you for the liebster awards for new bloggers please have a little look

    x x

  7. The micheal kors bag looks great and the grey colour is great for winter!

  8. Hey Pippa! It was a long time I haven't been in your blog :)
    I like the "Céline" top, very useful for sport or even for every day!