Monday, 11 January 2016

Lip Kit by Kylie DUPES - Dolce K

*eye roll* Sooooo overrated I mean I didn't wake up at 5am GMT to get to the checkout for them to tell me its sold out. God. WHO DA WHO cares RIGHT?! RIGHT?! RIGHT?! 
OK so I kinda wanted all of them, Dolce K in particular :( 


But it's ok because after watching endless instagram videos of girls perfectly applying Dolce K to their lips I have bought a dupe and a dupe of a dupe! (I think these are dupes, I don't have the real deal to compare. If they aren't then this post is a total fail. This whole blog is a trainwreck tbh).
I was going to post a picture of my lips with both shades but I have weird lips so I did swatches, the quality isn't the best but come payday I will be purchasing a new camera! 


NYX - Lip Creme in Abu Dhabi (£5.50 from Boots)

I had to order this online as my local Boots does not stock NYX. It's honestly the perfect 'my lips but better' shade for me and my brown skin. Everyone and their godmother probably owns one of these but honestly I get the hype! The lip creme is moisturising and the longevity is surprisingly good! Because of it's moisturising properties it does take longer to dry then most matte lipsticks. I find I have to layer this on quite thinly and wait for it to dry and then apply another coat to get a full coverage. Nonetheless I love it. Very King Kylie. 9/10 would recommend. 


L.A. Girl - Matte Finish in Fleur  (£4.99 from Beauty Base)

Ok the full name of this product is Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss. WHY is it called a gloss if it dries matte?! If anyone knows PLS RESPOND.  Anyways it's 51p cheaper and my local Beauty Base stocks these so I don't have to wait for shipping! WIN WIN! (But I do have to leave my house soooooo). The shade is beautiful - brighter than Abu Dhabi but still within the same tone as Dolce K. This product is so pigmented but if I'm being honest the formula of this is quite drying and my lips end up looking like shrivelled up hotdogs after two hours. 6/10 would recommend maybe not to the bestfran but that girl at work you just tolerate. 

I'm happy with my dupes for now but I'm still on the lookout for more purse friendly alternatives. So if you do have recommendations please let me know!


P.s I'm still slowly easing myself back into the blogging world thus apologies for my less than fancy blog. I'm working on it. 


  1. The NYX soft matte lip creams are awesome! I love them but I don't have Abu Dhabi. Maybe time for a trip to the store!

  2. The NYX soft matte lip creams are awesome! I love them but I don't have Abu Dhabi. Maybe time for a trip to the store!